Our Engagement Fees include air travel and ground transportation expenses, PLUS hotel accommodations, reserved and paid for by the school, usually, through direct billing relationships with local hotels.

Some things to Consider . . .

  1. Scheduling quality programs on important issues that effect the lives of our students, costs money!

  1. But we recognize that not all schools have the funds necessary to bring in engaging and effective programs without finding creative ways to “make ends meet!”

  1. That’s why Learning To Live With Conflict, Inc. is committed to working with you to find a scheduling option that fits your budget and keeps us in business!

Below is a short list of funding strategies

for your consideration . . .

Funding Strategies:

  1. 1. Partner with other Departments on Campus

We have found that the most common and effective way to ensure broad participation and meet the cost of bringing programs to campus involves working with other departments and organizations on campus.  If you are interested in partnering with other organizations on campus to co-sponsoring the Nonviolent Sexuality program, here is a short list of the types of campus organizations we often work with:

  1. 2. Block Booking Engagements

A second funding strategy involves “Block Booking” your engagement in coordination with other schools in order to save 5% or more off your program fee and expenses.  There are three ways to schedule a Block Booking Engagement:

a. Geographic Blocks - Schedule your engagement for the day before or the day after an already scheduled date on our calendar that is located within 200 miles of your campus. (5% off Engagement Fee & Travel Expenses)

b. En-Route Blocks - Schedule your engagement for the day before or the day after an already scheduled date on our calendar that is “en route” toward our presenter’s next destination. (5% off Engagement Fee & Travel Expenses)

c. Cooperative Blocks - Get together with another school in your area (within 200 miles of your campus) and call us with two or more consecutive dates that you would like to schedule and all schools who cooperate in the block will receive 5% off of their engagement fee and travel expenses for every school in the block - up to 4 schools. 

(Between 5% - 20% off Engagement Fee & Travel Expenses)

  1. 3. Schedule a Daytime Program

Schedule an engagement with a start time between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm for the months of October through May and earn a significant discount off standard fees and travel expenses - call for details.

  1. 4. Shared-Date Program

Schedule an engagement in cooperation with another school in your area (within 100 miles) for the same day, for the months of October through May, and earn a significant discount off standard fees and travel expenses for both schools - call for details.

  1. 5. NCAA Speakers Grant

Schools that are affiliated with the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) may be eligible for up to $2000 in grant funds for programs that involve student athletes and health and safety related issues including programming on alcohol and/or sexual violence on campus.

The NCAA strongly encourages schools to collaborate with other departments on campus to maximize resources and reach more students campus-wide.  Any program using a speaker for a health and safety topic will require the use of a speaker from the NCAA Educational Affairs Grant Program Registry. If the speaker is not included on the registry, the grant applicant must provide the appropriate credentials and a full program description.

Who is Eligible to Receive Funds?

For the 2010-11 academic year, any NCAA Division I, II or III institution or Conference Office is eligible to apply for the Educational Affairs Grant. However, an institution may only receive one grant per academic year.

When Can I Apply?

Applications will be reviewed as they are received and equitably distributed across divisions.  Preference will be given to institutions that meet the grant requirements and on a first-come, first-served basis. If funding is still available after the deadline, applications will be accepted until funding is depleted.

Please click here for the grant guideline.

 If you have any additional questions regarding the 2010-11 Educational Affairs Grant Program, please contact Latrice Sales, or 317/917-6353.

PLEASE NOTE: All grants have been awarded for 2010-11.

When all else fails - Call us!

While we need to make a living like everyone else, we don’t like to be mercenary when it comes to the fees we charge for our services.  If you have made an honest effort to explore the above funding strategies and are still unable to come up with the funds needed to make it work, give us a call and we’ll do what we can to work with you to the best of our ability.

Keep in Mind

Depending on the time of year, program package,

and geographic or en route block possibilities cost may vary.

Please call or email us for a quote within 24 hours.

For scheduling, availability and fee quotes please contact:

Learning To Live With Conflict, Inc.

Call: (800) 243-8596   or   E-mail:

• Student Activities

• Greek Life

• Dean of Students

• Housing & Residence Life

• Counseling Center

• Sexual Assault Education

• First Year Experience

• Health & Wellness

• Drug & Alcohol Education

• Athletics

• Women’s Center

• Peer Education/Advocacy

Learning To Live With Conflict, Inc.  •  P.O. Box 150389  •  Kew Gardens, New York  11415-0389  •  (800) 243-8596  •  Fax: (877) 407-8426


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