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Bob Hall on

Nonviolent Sexuality

- Excerpts from Topics Covered

Views & Reviews

On Sex and Conflict

“When you consider the way we, in this culture, have learned to deal with sexuality and conflict, there are no mysteries as to why we have massive problems with rape and sexual assault, unplanned pregnancy, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, to a large extent we've actually set many of these problems up to happen, given the way we have chosen to deal with these two areas of our lives.”

*        *        *

It is a rare occasion when we can get 690 new students to pay attention to anything and Bob had them spellbound. His approach to sensitive issues surrounding acquaintance violence was very effective with the ‘Clarkies.’ Our intention was to call to the forefront a critical issue for

all of our new students to examine and Bob's presentation facilitated this in a very

successful fashion.

Orientation Director

Clark University (MA)                                                                     

On Intimacy

“Is  it  easy,  these  days,  to develop intimate relationships? The answer I get on most  campuses I visit is, ‘No!’ You may have heard the term ‘battle of the sexes,’ I think that to some extent that has been the case, and unfortunately, the biggest casualty in that battle has been intimacy, the connection which goes beyond the physical part of relationship.”

*        *        *

Bob put forward several principal rules of dating and relationships that would make anyone’s relationships more satisfying and enduring.  He had no problem holding the attention of the one hundred plus students for the entire ninety  minutes. His style was engaging, interactive, and always in good taste. Bob Hall is most welcomed back at St. Vincent.

Dean of Students

Saint Vincent College (PA)                                                          

On Rape and Sexual Assault

“Even if no one in this room was ever affected by a rape or a sexual assault, just the fact that this stuff is happening on our campuses and in our communities creates an environment that all of us have to exist in. I resent the fact that someone I want to get to know better has to wonder whether or not they can get into my car, go for a walk with me, or spend some time alone with me, because someone else, somewhere down the line, gave them something to fear. Rape and sexual assault create a environment that makes it difficult for all of us to date and to get to know each other without fear.”

*        *        *

Your presentation was so dynamic that after three months it is still impacting our campus community. I appreciated your efforts, insight and cooperation in making such a difficult  subject  approachable;  you made our   students want to hear about it.  Again, Bob, thanks!

Director of Student Development

College of St. Francis (IL)

On Alcohol and Other Drugs

“Given the degree of discomfort we have with issues of sexuality and conflict, what better way to ease some of the tension in awkward situations than to drink, or smoke, or snort ourselves into a state where we don't have to think about what we're doing, or the effect our decisions may have on ourselves and others we care about. Alcohol and other drugs are almost always involved in creating the statistics on disease, pregnancy and force. The connection between sex and conflict in relationships and our abuse of alcohol and other drugs is clear.”

*        *        *

You provide a great service to our students

and to the university in presenting a vitally important message in a way that is non-

threatening, easily understood and practical. Each year, more of our upper-class students choose to return to this orientation event and bring their friends!

Asst. Director of Student Life

LaSalle University (PA)



On American Culture

“We live in a very sex-negative and conflict-negative  society at present. We learn to either avoid or ignore conflict until it blows up in our faces, or we treat it as a fight, which produces winners and losers but few solutions to problems.  Where sex is concerned, we seem to be open enough about sex to exploit it and to make money off it but not open enough about it for people to feel comfortable talking and learning about this fundamental area of their lives.  Wonder why we have some problems!”

*        *        *

. . . a fascinating, witty, sometimes disarming

view of sexuality, conflict and just coping with the world today.

Assistant Program Director

University of Florida

“If you don’t know who you want to be in this area of your life, I guarantee you that there are plenty of people out there who would love to make those decisions for you!”

- Bob Hall

Nonviolent Sexuality™ is one of the most engaging and effective programs you will find in higher education to deal with alcohol and sexual violence issues on campus. The content is solid and research based, the language used is inclusive of all audience members, and the strategic use of humor is tastefully done.

Abstinence is addressed as a valid choice in relationships but not presented as a substitute for dealing with the realities of human sexuality and conflict. Nonviolent Sexuality deals with some sensitive issues in an entertaining and interactive manner  that students find engaging and fun.

What is unique about Bob Hall is his approach to the confluence of sexuality and conflict as an opportunity for learning and growth, through direct dialogue and better understanding; rather than a struggle of one side against the other, to be won or lost through blaming and finger-pointing. It is this non-adversarial/resolution-oriented approach which has won the approval of both men and women on college campuses nationwide.

Bob’s ability to establish an almost immediate rapport with any size audience, together with a combination of role playing, a touch of humor and a continuous dialogue with his audience, creates a relaxed and interactive atmosphere which serves to lighten the mood and lower defenses toward an area of life which most of us feel uncomfortable discussing. Best of all the program challenges students to take responsibility for the way they think and behave, without preaching or   threatening. Nonviolence and co-creation are the order of the day as  students are invited to think for themselves about who they wish to be and what choices they wish to make in their relationship lives. 

Since 1987, Bob Hall has presented Nonviolent Sexuality on over 900 campuses throughout the United States and Canada and has received virtually unanimous acclaim for his unique use of the tools of conflict resolution.  Bob is a former Board Member of the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the founder of the conflict education company, Learning To Live With Conflict, Inc.

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Sex, Conflict, Alcohol & Intimacy

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Sex, Conflict, Alcohol & Intimacy

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