“Making Peace with Passion”

24 Years of Engaging and Effective

Alcohol and Sexual Violence Education

Over 900 Campuses

in all 50 States and Canada!

“ I wish that everyone on campus

were required to attend this program.”

- Student Evaluation

Western New England College (MA)

“ A fascinating, witty sometimes

disarming view of sex, conflict,

and just coping with the world today.

- Assistant Program Director

University of Florida

“ Everyone, including myself, walked

away feeling better about themselves.”

- SAB President

Wagner College (NY)


Bob Hall, M.A.CR.

3-Time Nominee

NACA - Lecture of the Year

Former Board Member

New York State

Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Owner & Founder

Learning To Live With Conflict, Inc.

Propaganda Products

Black Belt in Judo

Over 40 Years Experience as a

Competitor, Coach & Organizer

Learning To Live With Conflict, Inc.  •  P.O. Box 150389  •  Kew Gardens, New York  11415-0389  •  (800) 243-8596  •  Fax: (877) 407-8426


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"The Rape of the Sabines"

- by Giambologna


Bob Hall, M.A.CR.

To Do List:Gather_Information_files/Nonviolent_Sexuality_Package_2.pdf

. . . what EVERYONE needs to know

about sex, conflict, alcohol and intimacy.


An All-American Company

Interested in Changing the World - For the Good of Everyone - Everywhere!

“Control Your Mind and You Control Your World!”

Mind Control for Fun and Profit!


“We need a way of thinking about and dealing with

this powerful part of life, that doesn’t put us,

or any of the people we interact with, at risk.”

- Bob Hall

You’re Invited!

Bring a Date! - Bring a Friend!

Invite Your Partner! - Drag Your Teens!

Make the Time!

Male or Female, Gay or Straight

Bisexual or Transgendered,

This One’s for


Wellness/Healthy Choices

    “Changing Culture on Campus

from the inside out!”

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